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DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

A Full Set Of Recipes, Storing Bottles & More! 

This kit is awesome! We had a “hot sauce making” party and used this kit (along with other peppers Home grown and store bought) and had a blast! Also purchased additional bottles so everyone could take some sauce home. Definitely a great gift to give for your hot sauce fan in your life! - Jennifer
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"This is a really cool kit, Fun Kit!!"
"This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes DIY projects, people who enjoy the science behind food, people who just enjoy cooking for fun and of course those who love hot sauce. I bought this for my fiancé because he fits into all of these categories.

I like the kit so much, I will order more for others in my life that would have fun with it too. Great for birthdays, Christmas, house warming gift, Valentine's Day (For those who make your life spicy) and even just because!" - Vanessa
  • AUTHENTIC HOT SAUCE KIT: Makes 7 bottles of lip smacking gourmet hot sauce right from home. It contains, 3 Glass Woozy Bottles, 4 Squeeze Bottles, a 2-inch funnel, an Apple Cider Vinegar bottle, a zipped pouch of Spice Blend, 2 pairs of gloves, 5 pH strips. Also, 3 woozy reducers, 3 black caps, 4 squeeze bottle tops with red cap, Ancho Pasillas, Chipotle and Habanero Pepper bags – instruction card, an open/close pouch of Ghost Pepper & 7 label stickers. 
  • BEST. GIFT. EVER: "I got this kit for my hubby for the holidays and he absolutely loved it! I am an attention to detail freak, and appreciate all the extra goodies included like the gloves, ph strips and bottling funnel. So far we made 3 of the recipes that came with the kit and the Smokin’ Sauce is our favorite… seriously better than anything we ever tried!" (5 Stars) Amanda 
  • 5th GENERATION PEPPER FARMERS: So what’s the secret sauce behind the secret sauce? Simple. The highest quality peppers grown from a small 5th generation local pepper farm in Boulder, Co. Including the “Top Secret” 100% pure ghost pepper booster packet! 
  • FULLY COLORED, FULLY ILLUSTRATED RECIPE CARDS: Includes step by step printed recipe cards that have been tested multiple times (tough job huh?) to ensure the perfect hot sauce each and every time. Recipe card also includes pro tips and flavor enhancing guide. 
  • ​MADE IN THE USA: By people who love making high quality products with high quality ingredients for high quality people. Ingredients include all natural, gmo free, heirloom peppers... did we mention the “Top Secret” 100% pure ghost pepper booster packet? 

DIY Lip Balm Making Kit

Here’s Why This Kit Cracks Smiles (Not lips)

“The balms themselves are very good, softens the lips and the treatment oils/butters last a long time on the lips. Smells soooo good too (the essential oils). If you want to spend about an hour and a half doing a fun project (either for yourself, or with a friend or family member), and getting instant gratification -- then you will enjoy this kit.” - Milly H.
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 I Always Wanted To Make My Own Natural Products...
“So excited to try this out with my sister this weekend. I've always wanted to make my own natural products. This seemed like the best way to start. The instructions are very clear and user friendly. The essential oils smell great. I can't wait to experiment :) It's just what I was looking for.” - Heidi Gross
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils: If your lips are real… shouldn’t your lip balm be too? Each kit comes with our world famous 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils such as Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Lime, Grapefruit, Marjoram for a relaxing, calming feel.
  • Say Goodbye To Dry, Dull Lips: Each DIY Lip Balm Making Kit includes 100% All Natural Shea and Coconut Butters, so your lips stay soft, supple, kissable, and plump with deep-moisturizing support, which means you never have to worry about dry and chapped lips again.
  • The ONLY Complete DIY Lip Balm Kit: This set includes everything needed for fresh, natural lip balm, such as tubes, essential oils, shea and coconut butters and even a Lip Balm Filling Tray built right inside, so you can easily fill you tubular creations without any mess of fuss!
  • Your Very Own Custom Line: Each set comes with 23 total tubes and tins to let you create a wide range of flavors and styles, plus 23 round and square labels that you can customize. Making it the perfect kit for personal use, gifting, or starting your very own line of All Natural Lip Balms that you create!
"I Can Definitely Tell The Difference..."
“We loved this product! My daughter and I spent one afternoon after another just making lip balm, and the lip balms we made were lovely, sweet-smelling, and very moisturizing! I can definitely tell the difference between the lip balms we made and a commercially made, chemical lip balm! Also, the ingredients that we were given were very prettily packaged, and I've actually used them outside of making lip balm! Would recommend! All five stars! Buy now!” - Alice N.

DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit

Here’s Why This Is the Bomb.com of Holiday Gifts

"I got this kit for one of my best friends bridal parties. Everyone loved it so much that we ended up all making them together that afternoon! In fact, it was so easy to make and the essential oils smelled so incredible that I ended up purchasing another kit just for myself" - Theresa
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"My Bath Bombs Turned Out Perfectly. ..."
"This is an awesome product that I highly recommend! I opened it up and everything was cutely wrapped in an organized fashion. The directions were extremely easy to follow and my bath bombs turned out perfectly. The kit makes so many bath bombs and after you have the materials, you can keep making more! This is a great gift for people of all ages" - Bethann
  • No Artificial Scents Or Vegetable Oil Fillers: Say goodbye to ugly and painful skin reactions. You’ll look, feel, and smell like you stepped out of an aromatherapy spa. Guaranteed!
  • Printed Recipe Cards: Proven and tested multiple times to ensure the perfect cupcake bath bombs which means you get your money's worth and zero regrets. Recipes include pro tips and color enhancing guides… which means you can always enjoy a variety of scents and color into your day
  • No Measuring Required: No need to rely on guesswork which means there’s one less thing for you to do or worry about. This kit has everything you need to make 12 bath bomb cupcakes. You’ll get pre-measured baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and epsom salts.
  • ​100% THERAPEUTIC GRADE Essential Oils As Key Ingredients: You’ll receive high quality 8 Essential Oils such as Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit PLUS Geranium, Marjoram, Peppermint and Lime. Have allergies? Sensitive to artificial scents? Now you can walk into any room of your home and without sneezing, getting your nose red, or watery eyed.
  • Supplies Include: Gloves, spray bottle, dozen cupcake mold liners, and a reusable mold set… to easily and effortlessly make world class therapeutic bath bombs right from home.
"The Kit Was Beautiful..."
"I ordered this bath bomb as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. The kit was beautiful and it was easy to see how much love + thought went into it." - Harry

DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

Here’s Why This DIY Soy Candle Making Kit Makes The Perfect Gift For Adults... (It's more than just the hot wax!)

“So fun and easy to make! I bought them because I wanted to start making my own candles instead of buying them and I love them! All natural soy wax and comes with all the utensils you need to make them. It’s a great arts and crafts for the kids also.” - Stacy
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"Everything Put Together In A Nice Package Makes It Really Easy To Try Something New"
“The candle making kit is perfect for my in-laws as a gift for Christmas. They're going to love it. We're hoping it becomes another Grandma and Grandpa thing to do with the kids. The quality is great and having everything put together in a nice package makes it really easy to try something, which I never would have thought I'd try. Love it. Thank you so much for creating this!” - Andrea 
  • 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Enjoy the natural scents and soothing properties of our famous, high quality oils such as lavender, lemongrass, and cedar wood. Get ready to tantalize the senses and make your home smell wonderful and welcoming. We include up to 10x more essential oils as other chemical scented candles! 
  • All Inclusive Kit: This kit comes with everything you need to make round home votive or kitchen candles. You receive: 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, a pouring pot, tea light tins, big tins, color blocks, and essential oils. We’ve got you covered!
  • Burns Clean and Lower Melting Point : You don't have to clean candle soot and that means you spend quality time with your loved ones, plus soy candles will burn slower and longer than paraffin candles and that means more bang for your buck.
  • Create and Gift: This candle making kit for makes it easy for beginners to create beautifully original candles that look like they belong in a store! Use them for yourself and transform your home into a sweet smelling nirvana.
  • ​Easy Step-by-Step Instructions: We’ve made it simple to know how to make beautiful tea light and round candles by including detailed instructions and a recipe guide. IT’S NEVER BEEN EASIER to take your creativity to the next level.
"Liked It So Much I Got Another Kit To Give For My Friend!"
“This is the perfect gift to give to a friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend! What a fun activity that you can do together. Smells wonderfully and my daughter loved making them. Liked it so much I got another kit to give for my friend!” - Lynn S.

DIY Supreme Elderberry Syrup Kit

Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup for Personal Use Or for Gifts

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" Fun easy and all natural!"
"Best thing I bought in a long time that had everyone in the family wanting to be part of. Making It a great activity to do with the family or even friends. To make it even better it’s all natural Ingredients and sure will be using it this winter!" - Shani
  • The Only Complete Elderberry Syrup Kit : With other elderberry syrup kits you only get enough supplies to mix up elderberry juice. When you use our elderberry syrup kit, you get all the ingredients you need to make immune boosting organic elderberry syrup. We also provide you with storage bottles for your elderberry syrup, and the ability to create gummy elderberry for kids! 
  • Vitamin And Antioxidant Rich: Rich in vitamins A, B, and C our organic dried elderberries provide optimum support to your system. Add in the cinnamon, ginger, and rose hips in our elderberry syrup making kit and you will have help warding off everything that comes your way! 
  • 100% All Natural And Organic: No need to worry about fillers or additives like you find in your store bought elderberry syrup! When you make your kids elderberry syrup using our elderberry syrup kit, you know exactly what went into each bottle. Our dried elderberries, rose hips, ginger, and cinnamon are all 100% certified organic. 
  • Save Money: When you make your elderberry syrup at home, not only do you know that it is safe for you and as kids’ elderberry, but you can create your own black elderberry syrup for a fraction of the price! Our elderberry syrup kit is beneficial for your health AND your budget! 
  • ​Unique Gift: Instead of giving the same gifts you give each holiday and birthday, use our elderberry syrup kit to give an experience instead! Nothing compares to the satisfaction of doing something yourself! Get your kids in on the action and use the kit to create elderberry syrup for kids or have them help make organic elderberry syrup to give as gifts! 
"Fun Easy And All Natural!"
"Best thing I bought in a long time that had everyone in the family wanting to be part of. Making It a great activity to do with the family or even friends. To make it even better it’s all natural Ingredients and sure will be using it this winter!" - Shani B Levi

DIY Real Deluxe Gin Making Kit

Love gin? Love making your own tasty beverages at home?

"My fiancee and I love this kit. We had a lot of fun making and tasting our own gin!" - Zach S.
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"This is a really cool kit, Fun Kit!!"
"What a great little kit! I've never made gin before and I loved the packaging with the glasses and spice packets were all ready! The little booklet that came with it containing the step by steps was very helpful. Very easy to follow. Thanks! I can't wait to try more flavors" - Shawn
  • Perfect Gift For Dad, Mom & Friends: Enjoy the look on their face when they open up their package and realize what you just got them. Don’t be surprised if they always remember you as the best gift giver ever! Nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own drink flavors and styles that people love.
  • The Most Fun You Can Have Inside A Bottle: The only thing more fun than drinking an expensive, fancy, iced cold, hand shaken martini is the fun & satisfaction knowing that you were the one that made it. This kit comes with everything you need to create fun and delicious, gin and tonics, and a variety of other great choices, making it the most fun and unique project for men and women alike.
  • Great For Beginners and Professionals: Interested in becoming an at-home bartender? We’ll teach you how to make the Rosemary Salty Dog, Cucumber Tongue Cocktail, a master Gin Martini, and more with your Fully Illustrated Ultimate Guide to Gin Making (already included inside your kit). This kit not only makes great gin, it makes you the go to bartender and mixologist at any social event.
  • One Of A Kind Personalized Stainless Steel Flask: Not only does this kit already includes 2 all glass bottles with custom labels, it can now be enjoyed anywhere! Use our home-made gin kit in the kitchen, and then bottle it in your very own personalized “Liquid Courage” stainless steel flask and take all your favorite gin and tonic spirits everywhere you go.
  • ​Next Level Botanicals, Spices & Essentials: Seriously this kit is more like a mad scientist project in a box than just an ordinary gin kit. This Deluxe Edition comes with an even larger selection of herbs you need to transform any ordinary vodka into your one of a kind extraordinary artisanal gin. Have fun experimenting with limitless combinations of ingredients so you can expand your home wet bar offerings!

About DIY Gift Kits...

DIY Gift Kits was created in an effort to battle "horrible-generic-gift-giving-itis" and wage war on ugly sweater vests.* 

Each kit has been custom designed to be as unique as the maker and gift giver.

In a world where time is spent on digital devices more than ever these kits are a way to reconnect, with friends, family... and even ourselves.

Make It Special,
Dave and The DIY Gift Kit Team :)

* Just kidding, ugly sweater vests rock... in fact I’ve been wearing one the whole time while you’ve been reading this.
    5 Reasons Why DIY Gift Kits Make The Perfect Purchase Each Time, Every Time.
    1. It Will Make Other Gifts Look Bad
    These kits will explode in popularity and leave other gifts (read: the ugly sweater, holiday socks, and fleece blankets) in the dust... and collecting dust. 

    2. Everyone’s covered (yay)
    Leave no relative, friend, or co-worker behind. Whether it’s a pesky relative or a hard-to-gift bestie, your name will be on everyone’s lips as the “awww you shouldn’t have” roll in. 

    3. Richer Relationships
    Encourage a special connection with a friend, or a loved one, and your DIY Gift Kits project. Remember, people that make together, stay together.

    4. Real Authentic Gifts, That Won't Break The Bank
    What other gift can you give that makes the person always think of you as the best gift giver in their entire social circle for under $50?  

    5. It's The Only Gift That Keeps On Giving
    Unlike other gifts, where you only get the gift of giving and receiving once.  DIY Gift Kits provides the gift of experience while making the kit, the gift of pride when finishing the kit, and the gift of giving again when sharing their own homemade masterpieces of artisan gold with their family, friends and loved ones... and most likely you!  That's a full circle gift giving, receiving, making, then giving again experience right there... It's like the Lion King of Presents... "It's The Circle Of Giiiiiiiifts!" (said in an Elton John voice).
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